The Pop Bot : Pathfinder Oyabun Ono

Pathfinder Oyabun Ono is an urban vinyl designed by Ashley Wood and this urban toys is manufactured by the famous threeA. They used the tomorrow king platform for this twelve inch action figure and released it in 2011.

Pathfinder Oyabun ono is created using vinyl and they released it as the Popbot series. The appearance of Pathfinder Ono is like a present day warrior. He is wearing a black T shirt, a brown hoodie jacket, a brown pants and a pair of sneaker. He also carried two sharp katana on his hand while the sheaths are hanging on his waist.

The design of this designer figure is so sharp and the monotone color add a dramatic effect. This toy is definitely a representation of today urban toys culture. The contemporary design gives a strong character as a present day pop culture.


Hachoo Monkey Style Boxing

Hachoo Monkey Style Boxing is a unique urban toys designed by Mizna Wada and this cute urban vinyl monkey is sculpted by Vin Teng. This designer toy is manufactured by Kaching Brands as the Mizna Lens series.

Hachoo has seven inch height from his toe to the tip of it’s crown, Hachoo is produced in 2006 and they only produced 100 piece of this royal monkey figure.

Basically Hachoo Monkey Style Boxing is a cute monkey figure wearing a red boxing glove and a yellow crown. The fur is painted in blue and the eyes is closed as if Hachoo has been hit by his opponent. This collector figure has an adorable and unique look that attracts urban toys collector to own it.


The Creepy Creature Ortho

Ortho is an urban toys designed by Coro, this mini figure is manufactured by Ningyoushi. They released Ortho back in 2006 as the Getsmall SF mini series.

I think Ortho is a hybrid creature, the shape and design looks like an octopus, spider and insect merged together. The final look gave me a creepy creature looks with cool combination of colors.

The sharp yellow teeth add a scary effect on this designer figure, while the rest of the head and eight tentacles are painted in red just like an octopus. The body is painted in green and brown just like an insect body.

If you like a collector toys with a unique and creepy design Ortho might be perfect for you because it has an original shape and design. It also has a great details on all the parts of Ortho body, that’s why this toy is recommended to you as a good urban toys.


Robot Bearbrick : SF Evangelion 00 Be@rbrick

If you are a fan of Japanese robot animation you probably know this cool robot (mecha) called the EVA 00. Medicom Toy is the manufacturer of this cool urban toys, this time they released this mini figure as the Be@rbrick (bearbrick) series 15.

SF Evangelion 00 Be@rbrick inspirations comes from the famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. They take one of the robot design from this Japanese animation. The robot was called EVA 00, there are two kind of EVA 00, the blue one is the prototype and the yellow one is the production model.

Medicom make this designer figure from the design of EVA 00 the production model and released in 2007. This urban vinyl has three inch height and cool graphic, they used yellow, red, gray, black and white as the main palette. The colors are exactly the same as the original EVA 00 from the animation movie but they create it in a form of Be@rbrick.

This collector toys is a hybrid between a bear and a robot, so it is a Be@rbrick robot. Either you are a fan of action figure, animation or urban toys collector, you probably interested to collect this cool robot Be@rbrick.


Ciaociao A Cute Pinky Skeleton

Simone Legno from Tokidoki is the artist behind the design of Ciaociao and this urban toys is sculpted by Brin Berliner. Strangeco is the manufacturer of this pinky figure and they released it in 2007.

They used vinyl as the material of this designer toy and although Ciaociao is a skeleton but she looks adorable in a pink outfit. Ciaociao has a skeleton face with a crack on the forehead that made me think of Harry Potter.

Ciaociao is wearing a pink hoodie and it has her name printed on the clothes. The outfit is painted in baby pink while the arms and legs is painted with darker shade of pink color. Ciaociao is a cute skeleton in a pink outfit that probably will attract female urban toys collector out there.

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