The Pop Bot : Pathfinder Oyabun Ono

Pathfinder Oyabun Ono is an urban vinyl designed by Ashley Wood and this urban toys is manufactured by the famous threeA. They used the tomorrow king platform for this twelve inch action figure and released it in 2011.

Pathfinder Oyabun ono is created using vinyl and they released it as the Popbot series. The appearance of Pathfinder Ono is like a present day warrior. He is wearing a black T shirt, a brown hoodie jacket, a brown pants and a pair of sneaker. He also carried two sharp katana on his hand while the sheaths are hanging on his waist.

The design of this designer figure is so sharp and the monotone color add a dramatic effect. This toy is definitely a representation of today urban toys culture. The contemporary design gives a strong character as a present day pop culture.


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